Aubergine Dreaming

a replay – taken in lovely Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago. One of those places I didn’t expect to fall in love with but I hope to return one day and spend a week or two exploring. Actually all of Mexico was so different than I expected. How wonderful it would be to escape the southern winter and set up shop on the Mexican Riviera for a season…

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5 thoughts on “Aubergine Dreaming

  1. Oh I am so with you there. We had really hoped that we might be able to get away this fall, but with all of the repairs still left to do, it’s doubtful.


    1. Repairs? Did I miss something major? Forgot? It sounds awful. (we need to do some repairs around here – to be honest, it’s impetus for me to flee!)

      And if you have not been to Mexico – you simply must go. I can’t believe how many Americans have not been there and consider the country to be some sort of sewer to the south. When we cruised through the Panama canal from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale and back again, I could not believe the huge numbers of people that would not get off the ship when we were in port – 20-25% I’d say. They simply refused to set foot in Mexico. Of course Mexico is much better off without them…


      1. We’ve been to several places in Mexico. I loved it. Would actually consider being an ex-pat there.

        We still need to fix/repair the sliding glass door, which is going to cost well over a grand as we will have to do brick work also, and that’s if we do the work. Countless others.


      2. I’m still looking at drywall and carpeting and electric in the downstairs hall (that only we ever use) from the flood a couple of years. Insurance refused to pay for it = insisted it was a maintenance problem – untrue, but fighting them was causing ructions all over my world… Argh. We will probably sell in a couple of years, get something smaller and more sensible and maybe even more remote – that’s when it will get fixed… ugh… houses should not need to be constantly upgraded to stay the same… Maybe I’ll rent. I calculated that if we sold the house and didn’t even grow the proceeds, we could afford to rent for 30-40 at a very good standard… makes sense to me…


      3. Unfortunately, the tax burden for renting makes it a bad option. We need extensive renovations before we can sell. Yuck.


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