Terror in the Grass

My love affair with the disagreeable flamingo continues… what I like about this shot is the feeling that this flamingo has risen, zombie-like, from the swampy grasses and leading with its nasty little beak, intends to wreak havoc in the world.

Or not.

I feel as though I’ve got a bit of my mojo back – but I swear it’s standing there tapping its feet as if to say “what now? what are we going to do now?” Yeah, the mojo’s not gone, it’s just got a bit bored and wants more excitement. And it’s about to get some… just ordered a new lens, one I have been hankering for for rather a long while now, the Canon 70-2oo 2.8 lens, the ultimate lens… should be here in a week. I can’t wait. Then we’ll see some excitement.

Or else.

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7 thoughts on “Terror in the Grass

    1. Yeah… it’s about time… damn gear is so expensive… and since my husband is also a photographer, we actually had to buy two because while we are good at sharing lots of things, when it comes to camera lenses, well… I’m not always very equitable about sharing… I think we will not be able to afford food for the next month or so 😉


  1. So envious of your new purchase. I’m still hankering for a new camera, and as my most recent dream testifies, I want to shoot pictures even in my dreams.

    Flamingoes (oe for plural?) are such weird creatures: beautiful and terrifying.

    Glad you’ve gotten your mojo back. Perhaps you’re borrowing mine too for a bit as I’ll be damned if I can find mine.


    1. It’s not totally back. but it’s functional. I think it may be partly that I’ve been doing this photo-poetry-stroytelling thing for two solid years now (I blogged intermittently before then) and I want to stay fresh.

      The first year I was really learning photoshop and in retrospect see I was learning a lot of illutrative techniques. Year two was more about the photography – I got the Canon 5d Mark II. So I guess I am not quite sure what year 3 will be about. It’s not like I plan it, it always just unfolds on its own.

      I suppose with the new lens at least part of what’s coming will be about technical excellence. But while that is all well and good, the artistic side is much more interesting…


      1. I’m sure that year three will bring you many surprises, unexpected pleasures with your new equipment. The surprises are always the best (when it comes to creating, not life, necessarily).


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