All gone

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fascination with abandoned buildings. I love the echoes, love the loneliness, love the odd feeling of being alone, but being surrounded by ghosts.

I once bought one and moved in. Fixed it up pretty nice. That was a long long time ago. It was a good good time.

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6 thoughts on “All gone

  1. Must have been amazing to make a home when others abandoned it. You are such an adventuresome one!! We have a few remnants of farm buildings and diggin’s near us but many are being cleared off for more tillable land. If walls could talk…..


    1. Yes, it was an adventure. I actually bought it for $414.50 (handled the closing myself.) And lived in it for 12 years. I have to say I did it up very nicely – but finally, it was time to move on – came here actually.
      I’m still planning my trip to the American west, though it keeps getting pushed back. Looks like it won’t be until 2014 now, as I really want to get to Norway next northern summer as the Northern Lights have been peaking this year and next. Might not live long enough to get another chance to do that!
      So I hope you’ve got a few ramshackle old farm buildings left when I arrive…


  2. In my youth, I always wanted to live in an old abandoned factory, a pseudo-loft existence. Never happened of course, just like the sailboat never happened. I live vicariously through your past.


      1. I love beginnings – new adventures – all that potential… the next part… it’s not that I don’t like it, and it’s where our bread an butter comes from, but it’s just not as exciting…


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