Alpine Dawn

It’s actually a bit after dawn, the sun still very low in the sky, the mist rising from the lake, shuffling along like an old man on his first trip to the loo for the day.

For those who are used to more regular posts, I do apologise – it just seems I’ve lost my mojo for the moment – don’t know where it’s got to. I try to come up with an image and a few words and nothing works. It’s flat or feels forced or simply dull or been done a thousand times before. I do hate that feeling, though by now I know it will pass.

In the meantime, I give this one a merit… but when I merit’s all you can come up with, maybe it’s the thing you have to go with. And there’s no shame in that…

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9 thoughts on “Alpine Dawn

  1. We had fog that kept coming and going on our lake yesterday so I enjoyed seeing this one at the time. No apologies needed. It’s good to have spaces between your times of great creativity. Let your inspiration be your guide and impetus. EnJOY whatever is current in your life šŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Happy! You are of course right that it’s good to have spaces, and yet, I sometimes feel a sense of pressure to ‘produce’ because people ‘expect’ it. And even though I know that the expectation is really my own – I guess I fret that when I hit a dry patch that it might be permanent… I do know better, but that little demon is there taunting me.

      I guess I have this need to try some new things photography-wise, not that I’ve got into a rut, but I still want to stretch. That said – I am buying an amazing new lens in the next week or so that does everything but make the coffee, so… there may be some new angles on the way – I hope!

      I WILL be enjoying it all, too!


  2. I really like this one, a striking photo. I’m looking forward to the misty mornings here as well. Not for long, I hope… šŸ™‚


    1. I tend to think of Finnish winters as rather brutal, especially as one moves further and further north. But then, when one lives in such a place, one knows how to “live” in it… This is an odd place – called sub-tropical – which one might think is a warm place. One would be very wrong… it’s cold and damp and no snow and no central heating or insulation… rather a silly place. Of course I do love it, but that does not change how silly it is.

      Of course a wintry landscape featuring palm trees is absurd…


  3. Didn’t know about the lack of central heating and insulation. Now that is silly.

    The mist with the palm trees did throw me, but I love your metaphor about the shuffling old man. My mojo has been missing for a bit as well. I sit down, and well, nothing . . .


    1. Well, I should say that many people here have very cosy houses. I think there is some correlation between a warm cosy house and size… smaller is better… I went for size…

      Where does the mojo go? I swear it’s like someone comes and steals it. And you’ve either got to find more or make more… I want to be brilliant and I want it now! How about you?


      1. Man, I want it back so much, but at the moment, this screen is just one big taunt: Hey you. You sitting there. What are you doing? Not much, I’d say. That’s right. Just play another game of spider solitaire. That’ll fix things . . .


      2. oh my… we are so very alike… spider solitaire is my crack cocaine… sometimes I can quit for months – but I always go back. You do know that EVERY game is winnable. EVERY single one. And I never lose a game, even if it take a hundred tries…


      3. I know. The same with free cell. I know that undo is cheating, but hey, so is backposting, and I do both frequently.

        And yes, my dear, we are so alike.


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