Limpid Pools

When I was a kid, I loved to go skinny dipping. Everything about it was tingly and exciting and made me feel so very alive and somehow naughty, though I couldn’t explain why… I had my places… I’d follow the creek, ours or someone else’s – sooner or later there’d always be a pool. And mostly they were conveniently tucked away where no one could see me. Places like this. And if they weren’t exactly like this, I would close my eyes and let my hair float around my head, let my arms and legs float free in the gently swirling waters and be transported anywhere my imagination wanted.

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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5 thoughts on “Limpid Pools

  1. Great memory. I still love my own memory of jumping into a pool of clear mountain water sans clothes. It felt so very wonderful. I could have hung about there all day, but my more modest hiking companions wanted to move on.


    1. We moved out to the country a few months before I turned ten. At a time in the world when a ten year old girl could just go off and wander in the woods and in the hills and go skinny dippy in a little mountain pool and then wander home in time for supper. Just doesn’t happen any more – at least not in our world.


      1. Not in anyone’s world. Simply cannot imagine Olivia doing even one-tenth of the things that I did on my own, all of those summer adventures. I would positively lock her up.


      2. Same here… On the other hand… I think one of the reasons I long for a grandchild is so I can take them on adventures, some 3 dimensional, others purely fantastical. And I might let them do a thing or two that is just a teensy weensy little bit ‘dangerous’…


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