Sunset over Tongariro & Ngauruhoe II

Grrr… not sure what is going on with WordPress these days. This is the second time recently that I’ve published a post and it came up empty… and of course, no way to recover the text of my utterly brilliant missive… No doubt operator error – I’ve only done a thousand of these… Grrr…

It’s been that kind of day to be honest – I come home yesterday from a perfect weekend away at Tongariro National Park, and today the bloody volcano erupts! I feel so robbed… It was completely quiet and peaceful when we were there, with no rumblings or indications of pending eruption. I’m having a good long chat with the Universe tonight – I thought we were a lot closer than this. Surely I should have been informed.

In any case, that is Tongariro on the left and Ngauruhoe on the right – sunset on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Bobby and I were on Tongariro, checking out the Tongariro Crossing, one of the great treks here in New Zealand, 19.4 kilometres (~12 miles) of rugged, avalanche prone, windswept winter walking, which, to be honest, is not my cuppa tea. So we did the first bit and took some photos. See?

And not a hint of what was to come. Damn! What a story that would have been!

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7 thoughts on “Sunset over Tongariro & Ngauruhoe II

    1. Thank you… the light was crazy the entire weekend… so whenever the sun would make an appearance, I’d photograph whatever it was falling on…

      The 2nd shot is just a throwaway – see – I was there…


    1. Really hard to get good light up on the mountains themselves. I swear, they make their own clouds! Not to mention ferocious wind and rain. Didn’t see any snow falling at all, which was a shame.


  1. So sorry you missed the volcano eruption (what an odd statement to make, but not to you).

    I’ve hate it, hate it when WordPress eats my posts. There is absolutely nothing worse when trying to post. It puts me off for the rest of the evening.


    1. I’ve got in the habit for my business stuff of copying things before I save, just in case they get eaten by the aether – but never seem to remember to do it for my personal stuff… Grrr…

      As for seeing a volcanic eruption in progress (from a moderately reasonably safe distance – but not too safe) what a thing to witness! A totally in the moment, here and now, wow thing to see and feel and be in the presence of… about as close to god as you’re likely to get…


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