Misty River morning

Winter has taken on a dreamy surrealistic feel about now. We’ve never had more rain than we’ve had in the last few months. The endless pounding of rain on the roof; the bending, arching trees; the Y-light nothing colour that you can almost see through to a world that seems almost there. We did have a couple days break – the skies cleared to a perfect winter blue – accompanied by blue temperatures, frozen feet and the electric blanket turned up high… I am so very over it about now, thank you… Please don’t tell me there is at least another month! I wish I wish that summer would last this long – even half as long would be nice…

The solution? Head for the snow! Not until Friday, but a bit of ‘proper’ winter always cheers me up!

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4 thoughts on “Misty River morning

    1. Oh believe me – I would if I could… I moved here in 1994 – and that was a winter of record rain (though it began the day we arrived, previously there had been a drought, so we had the surreal experience of seeing signs everywhere reminding us to conserve water, whilst it did nothing by rain for 45 days in a row – beating Noah’s measly 40 by 5 days…)
      This year has beat that one by a good margin… I miss the sun!


  1. I know that you are hating it, but I’m sweltering here, and feel as if just a trip outside my door requires girding my loins (or at least my eyebrows) for the ensuing sweat.

    This image is oh so inviting to me–the water, the waves, the “y-light nothing color” (I looove that phrase).


  2. We both need balance! I’ll happily swap for a few days – just long enough for each of us to start complaining again!

    As for Y-light… I am synesthetic – letters and numbers and lots of other things, like sounds and smells also have colours. And sometimes things can go the other way – paintings have sounds or odours… And Y is the colour of fog or fog is the colour of Y. And from the time I was very young, it was Y-light. And I thought when I first heard someone say ‘twilight’ that they were talking about Y-light and that that was what everyone called the colour of a foggy morning. Soon after the ‘correction’ began and I realised not everyone was seeing what I was seeing so I learned to keep quiet about it. Now that I’ve reached the age where eccentricity is finally okay (at least until they start burning crones at the stake again) it’s manifesting itself in new and even more amusing ways…


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