Technicolor gloomy day

No sun. Clouds so heavy they felt like a blanket covering it all, a drippy blanket at that… but those blue blue waters of the south island just never give up. They just keep on flowing bluer than blue. No matter how you feel.

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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2 thoughts on “Technicolor gloomy day

  1. It’s really not fair. When we have a lack of color, it extends to everything. The Atlantic is never so uninviting as when it’s browny-green. Your water is still cerulean.


    1. Yes, I was always disappointed in the Atlantic. It does improve when it becomes the Caribbean, but generally it just does not deliver like the South Pacific or Indian Oceans… But our blue blue waters in land come that way from filtering through the minerals in the mountains… Even our glaciers are blue – not sure how or why, but they are really beautifully blue…


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