Torch-Painted Tree

Haven’t really done much light-painting, though I did set-up a photography business at one point called LightPainters – but that’s another story.

This tree was in a dark, pretty much deserted carpark on Saturday night. There were a few streetlights a few blocks away, but other than the stars, there was no other source of light. I pulled out my tripod and set up my camera and did a long exposure, but the tree was still dark and the street lights were blown out. My husband had just bought a new high-powered torch, which he was inordinately fond of shining into my eyes, tempting his fate for sure… (you would think a man of his age would know better…) I asked him to put it to some good use and shine it on the tree. At first he refused. It may have been powerful enough to blind me and get me a  bit grumpy, but a huge tree like this? I am sure he would have preferred to keep shining it on me, but he relented and began painting the tree… there and there and there, and oh – don’t miss there. Do that some more. Yeah, I like that…

I like how it all turned out. And he gets to keep his torch.

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4 thoughts on “Torch-Painted Tree

  1. I guess that’s just fair :). Especially that he had to work hard on the small top branches… A lovely scene, with a nicely dressed tree.


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