Made 4 each other

Made 4 each other

Don’t know what it is about capsicum that is inherently erotic. Well, at least beautiful, perfectly shaped, curvy capsicum. We don’t really want to look at twisted, misshapen peppers, I mean – these two are as ugly as they come… and looking at them – fawning over each other as if they were beautiful.

He he… I have a secret joy – spotting unattractive people in love – holding hands, exchanging knowing looks, gently reaching over and touching their lover’s hair or face. After all, love is only meant for the young, beautiful, slim and stylish – but there they are grinning away – as if they were entitled to adore and be adored.

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4 thoughts on “Made 4 each other

  1. And they do hold the entitlement. That’s what I love about love. I share your intrigue – seeing people so obviously in love and suspecting that if they didn’t have each other, they would likely have a helluva time finding someone to love! They are the ones who help the rest of us believe in love!


    1. I don’t know… It could be that beautiful people have a harder time finding love as they are all too often coveted for their beauty and the contents of their hearts and souls ignored or worse, dismissed as irrelevant. (Sorry, you can’t be both beautiful and deep…) The only beauty queen I ever knew had no date for the senior prom – ended up going with a nice, dull-ish boy. And later married a nice, dull-ish man. And in between had her heart broken by a few real louts… (btw – in her mid 50s, she’s still a knock-out. And happy, I think. So she got it all…)


  2. How do you manage to make even peppers erotic?

    As to love and the beautiful people? I agree that many of them probably have a harder time finding real love and not lust because of how they look or what they have.


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