Oncoming Train

Took the train in to the city the other day, thought maybe I’d get some good blur shots or other interesting bits and pieces. Got home and naaah… the light was flat, no interesting shadows, rather just a bit of gloom. So I took this into photoshop and had a bit of a play with it. Can’t say it’s one of my favourites, but maybe not so bad…

Of course these days, there are so many cool, quick filters out there – not to mention Instragram has pretty much grabbed the square format, this style of imagery is falling out of fashion. Which means photographers will have to rely on taking really great photos in the first place again. Next time I take the train into town, I will coordinate my travel time with the position of the sun (if we ever see the sun again)…

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6 thoughts on “Oncoming Train

  1. I like the work on this.
    It’s a slow burner…the content isn’t that special…but then I look at it, and I look at it. The colour….the four shining diamonds….then I notice the man, and perhaps there is content here…then I notice myself actually.

    Then I notice the Sunlight.

    It’s so strange, I looked a long time before deciding to come back and comment. It’s good.


    1. I like the way you think. I think I think kind of the same way.

      But the nature of a blog, actually most information, images, writing we come across has to make an impact almost instantly these days. There is just so much out there, we don’t have the time to digest, cogitate over every little thing, especially since there IS so much out there and a lot of it isn’t worth our time…

      While I love the response/feedback I get when I put up something that immediately touches the viewer, I’m not going to stop making images that you’ve got to do a bit of work for… on the off chance that someone will take the time and have a think… like you… I think that’s when we go past recognition to connection. 🙂


  2. Oh…I forgot…would you let me reblog/guest post your piece on the Airflight?
    I know you don’t need the traffic (how DID you get to the millions anyway?!) but for some reason I am haunted by it…it follows me around!
    I’d love to have it up…let me know if that’s possible – all the usual, redirect/credit you of course, and I’d URL it as a guest post so it doesn’t show up on the internet under it’s own title.

    Now…what was it called again? Have to look!


    1. Please do reblog/guest post it. I would be honoured. It is called Ready to Land (https://titirangistoryteller.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/ready-to-land/) I like that one too… I like it’s slightly menacing quality 😉 I’m secretly dangerous. Very secretly. Of course, that’s the most dangerous dangerous of all…

      As for the millions – I’ve been blogging here for four years now and used to promote heavily, everywhere I could. I posted a lot of the articles I’ve written on film and movie reviews the first year or so and they get a lot of traffic from search engines. My two most popular pieces that get a couple of hundred hits a day are a eulogy I wrote for Marlon Brando when he died and an overview of horror films. I feel like that stuff should have gone on a separate blog and maybe I could have made a bit of money on it, but I am not doing any commercial film reviews these days so I’m not writing anything new. But I sure like the sight of that really big number 😉

      These days I am building a pretty good following for my pictures-stories-poems-observations… though I guess I’m not photography enough for the photographers, poetic enough for the poets, and lose the plot too often for the storytellers… I’m a pony with a few tricks up my sleeve…


      1. hahaha, you always leave me laughing – mirth on several layers!
        ..the sight of the number…! Ahhh! Shriek.

        I remember when I first came across you though – you ma’am are the real deal – and I’ve been around. Let me tell you, when you’re ready, you go through the blog and do your pictures-stories-poems thing and publish. It’s ahead of its time and much of it transcends merely these separate things. You’re like future design…even the book itself must be designed.

        I have a lot of respect for what you’re doing here actually – and on, and on, and on…I’m breathless!


        Nuff of that – thanks for the permission…two birds with one stone…can relax another week, and know I have one of the best pieces in the BLOGOSPHERE just sitting on my blog. Ahhhh. Autograph.


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