Dark story

The people who know the story about this first-hand are all dead, bar a few that were too young to understand. It’s an insignificant balcony on an insignificant building in the old part of Riga. No marker, no plaque, nothing noting it. You could walk by an never notice – walk by once or ten thousand times. The story is there, telling itself every moment.

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5 thoughts on “Dark story

    1. Me too… you get the perspective from the size of the bricks. It was not a big, official public building on a square – not a place make big speeches or rally the troops from. I think it was meant to be merely ornamental… I think now that quite likely it’s earlier that WWII, and quite possibly from the era of the 1st Latvian independence 1918 – 1940. Perhaps the story is less dark and more about self-protection?


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