Bull mist

If the birds and the bees can see ultraviolet and infrared, well… what’s to stop a small herd of bull calves from seeing disco lights in the morning mist? Or maybe they were just so happy to see me, they were overjoyed. I’ll always wonder.

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10 thoughts on “Bull mist

  1. I grew up around those critters, They have
    some of the best vision of God’s creatures
    so coyotes can’t cut into the herd.
    Imagine disco lights on their horizon 🙂


    1. So… even if it’s not exactly disco lights – you’re confirming they’re seeing things we miss altogether…
      although… the disco lights might be so far off… they do like to frolic about and I’ve noticed more than a few have an impeccable sense of rhythm…


    1. well spotted! Actually, they were planning to come over and get a closer look at me… and were disappointed at the fence between us. While I love the guys – they can get a bit overwhelming!


  2. Love the lights.

    Did I ever tell you about the time I was on the other side of a fence from a bull, and I made my cow sound, and he charged? Scared the bejeezus out of me.


      1. I love to make animal sounds, probably goes back to that anthropomorphism stuff. I do monkeys, cows, frogs (not very well), cats, and donkeys. Of course, with dogs, I just speak human because they understand that so well.


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