No other way…

Oh yeah… I know you think I’m making this stuff up – but you talk to any of the farmers on the South Island and they’ll tell you it’s all true. Every last pixel.

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3 thoughts on “No other way…

    1. I feel so bad for this wee rabbit! He got so few likes and you’re the only one who commented… I rescued him from an eternity in a Beatrix Potter display in a toy museum. He looked so trapped, with nowhere to go on that three wheeler… I’ve just set him free!

      Sylvia said she didn’t like it because it looked like and advertisement, though she could not say for what…


      1. And advertisement for acid, perhaps? No, seriously, with the vehicle in the background, I can just see someone creating an ad in which the rabbit jumps out of the vehicle and hops onto the 3-wheeler (hops, get it? groan).


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