Shivering, naked & in a very bad temper

When I was a child, the trees in winter looked so innocent and naked, out there standing in the cold and snow. I thought they must waiting for spring to come, to dress them up again.

These days, I’m not so sure… they remind me more of shaven old arthritic cats, quivering and shivering, claws extended and in a very bad temper. Especially when their branches are snow-laden. Somehow I just can’t seem to capture this in a photo, though not for lack of trying. I have hundreds, possibly thousands of tortured trees in winter and all they see to capture is the random nature of deciduous tree growth. Am I reading too much into them? Or will I ever manage it?

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3 thoughts on “Shivering, naked & in a very bad temper

  1. First, I love the title. Could be the story of my life. Second, I happen to think this captures the essence of trees in winter very acutely. Just enough snow to make them cold. All of the twists and turns. Have never thought of trees as innocent. Perhaps it’s Tolkien that did that for me, but I have always imagined trees to have personalities, and some of them are definitely ill-tempered.


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