The other day one of the photography blogs I follow, Less is More, put up a beautiful shot of some backlit people and cactus and the way the sun caught their silhouettes, it appeared they had halos. I loved the shot and was a wee bit envious, in the gentlest kind of way, where I tack a note in my brain reminding me to give that a go myself.

I am still going through my photos from my trip down to Wanaka at the end of May and came upon this idyllic, rather painterly shot of a couple of sheep grazing on a steep hill just in the early morning, backlit and all aglow! I would describe my joy as veritably frabjus! What pastoral bliss… And evocative of the early impressionists. Indeed, on another day I might have taken this into photoshop and added some brush strokes or other embellishments, but I don’t think this really needs it…

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14 thoughts on “Grazing

      1. Well, it’s like this.We fell in love on a Tuesday – actually, we didn’t fall in love, it seemed many of the people that knew us, knew we were in love, but we thought we were close friends and that’s all.
        So – it was a rather ordinary Tuesday when we were talking (on line) and it sort of hit both of us at the same time that this was not an ordinary friendship… and yeah, it was love. Big and scary… and I think it was within 15 minutes he asked me to marry him. That was such a big obstacle I could not even imagine it were possible. Besides, people fell in and out of love all the time. Including me. So I told him to stop talking about forever and let’s just see if we made it to next Tuesday.
        We did. And a hell of a lot more Tuesdays after that. A lot of years… married for 12 now…

        But… we still go Tuesday to Tuesday. Inside my wedding ring it’s inscribed Tuesday ever after…

        So… that’s the story of me and Mr HoT and Tuesday…


  1. This is one of my favourite of yours. On top of all this serenity, you tacked on your incredible love story in your comment reply. That is sooooo sweet, Titi.


      1. Aha…I’ve been keeping an eye on you! Life has created new priorities over the past while so I’ve not had the time for lots of comments. I love getting around so have not been able to comment on everyone’s post especially when they post daily.


  2. Tuesday to Tuesday, what a lovely sentiment.

    The image is quite pastoral. I think you need a farm with sheep, bulls (is that a plural?), and monkeys, lots of monkeys.


    1. I’ve got the world full of those things, thank you! 😉 Seriously, I’d love the farm idea as long as I had a full staff of farmers to help me farm it… the monkeys would probably love that…


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