Ready to Land

They’ve dimmed the lights
getting ready to land
service staff buckled down
can’t see me pull out my camera,
start clicking, clicking down the sci-fi lights,
like some Twilight Zone episode
where I’m holding my breath,

Waiting for that thing
You know, the thing
the monster
that tormented William Shatner,
sitting in his youthful beauty
beside his slender generic wife
elegant in a slim fitting suit
oblivious to him there
spying the monster on the wing.

Difference is I’m not afraid of the monster
I’ve glimpsed him
every now and again,
ducking away as soon as he spies me.
It’s okay.
Observing things changes
the way they behave.
We can live with monsters quite nicely.
We’ve just got to keep an eye on them.

I’ve got eyes.
All kinds of eyes
to see all kinds of things.
I’m paying attention.
Even if you are not.
Even if you are sitting quietly
in your seat
in the dimmed cabin
waiting for the plane to land.

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

Telling tales from around the world

8 thoughts on “Ready to Land

  1. LOL and I thought I was the only one that expected to see monsters on the wing of the plane. I’m also careful about stepping into the restroom on the plane because…well you know….Someone from another dimension might grab you and throw into their portal.


    1. Hmmm… I just watching “Choke” the other night… airplane loos, according to it, are where you find folks on ‘the circuit’ looking for random sex with strangers.

      Hmmm… that might be how they lure you in, so they can grab you and throw you into their portal. Dear god – don’t tell me it’s the toilet! Those fumes… you’d be petrified and mortified and frozen…


  2. super, super, breathtaking, gorgeous, I’m clapping my flippers like a seal!

    and the writing…so sure, so whimsical – yet….
    …clicking down the sci-fi lights…

    glorious, woman!


    1. Kenneth – you’ve got me smiling the biggest smile of the day… I’m seal clapping-flapping too!

      (I admit, I was disappointed this one sort of fell under the radar… I feel so much better now.)


      1. Oh it’s glorious madam, so pleased with it, it’s got it’s own tab and I just sort of keep clicking back to it as my day unfolds!

        Ak, marvellous! Sending good Sunday vibes from this end!


    1. Yeah, it was called Nightmare at 20,000 Feet… Shatner was beautiful… Possibly the most wooden actor of all time (and clearly the role model for Jim Carrey), I fell in love with him in Boston Legal… one of my favourite shows ever, though the last season rather jumped the shark…


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