500! Wow – I am impressed with me… Not that this is really worthy of the 500 position. But then, I’m not sure what would be. And after wracking my brain for a couple of days, realised it was too much pressure. I might never put up another photo because none would be worthy… I figure I don’t have to worry about it again until I reach 1000, which will be at least 18 months from now…

Shot this at the balloon festival in Hamilton last month… I’ve always loved fireworks – bet we all do. Happy 500 to me!

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11 thoughts on “500!

    1. Thanks Helen. I don’t really have a choice in the matter anymore. I’ve tried stopping. The longest I lastest was one week… Oddly, it’s one of the things I do now… I should be as loyal to my exercise programme!


    1. Thank you Happy! I wonder where the next 500 will go. The first 500 was such a journey… I didn’t think it was my telling ‘my’ story as I chose and edited each one, but with this many, I can see it really does, on so many levels, a diary of ‘becoming’ if you will, rather than a linear record of events. I am going to make a book of them now. I got one of those self-publishing book specials, just one copy that is 100 pages long. That should cover it off nicely I think and be a bit of legacy as well. Plus, I just like to see my images in print.
      Uh oh. ANOTHER project!!! Arghh!


  1. But an exercise program brings no joy, not really, that is until you fit into that pair of pants, you know the ones.

    Great fireworks shot, worthy of your milestone.


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