Dancer #3

This is image 499 of a project that began in September 2010. I didn’t know where it was going or why, only that somehow when I started doing these every day (with occasional days an even the odd week off here and there) I started telling a different kind of story, one that started in a different place and ended – I guess in the same different place.

In those 499 images, a lot of things got better – my photography, my photoshop & editing skills, my poetry and storytelling. I started when I was still in the corporate world, wavering over whether I should stay or I should go. I went. There was a 4-5 month period there when I wasn’t sure where I was going. And then I figured a thing or two out and went into business for myself. It suits me – for now, at least. I like change. I like telling stories. I like pictures.

I am still in love with this dancer – and she has said she’d like to come and dance for us again. I hope soon…

The 499th image. Does it seem like I am stalling??? Like I might be wondering just what the 500th image will be? Crikey! I have no idea. Really… I do have some wonderful fireworks shots I took a couple of weeks ago… they might go down a treat. Or not. I never really know what tomorrow will bring.

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8 thoughts on “Dancer #3

  1. I love this image, love the shadows. Congratulations on making your decision to leave corporate and strike out on your own. Your story has evolved so much since that decision, and it shows.


    1. Thank you… The evolution of the story continues to amaze me. No matter if I feel I am in a somewhat stale or less interesting period, it always seems there was something dynamic going on, even if I did not realise it at the time. This period is new and different. I think 20 years ago I would have worried about it, but I have learned to trust.


      1. Not sure I would describe it as fate as much as learning from history. When I am in the middle of something – I only see the trees… but once I get a piece down the road, I can see it was a forest. (duh…)

        I guess I would say that having had this experience so many times no, I tend to assume it’s a new forest I am in and have to find my way around and take these new trees that I have never see before as part of this forest. You can’t exactly go around unplanting and replanting forests, can you?

        So… here I am, in the forest, wandering around a bit of a new forest… the only thing I am sure is that there are no bears or alligators here… but there are undoubtedly some wild things I have not run into yet.


      2. I have no doubts that you, being the seasoned traveler and adventurer that you are, will be able to handle any kinds of odd creatures that may crop up in whatever forest you find yourself in.


  2. “I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.” ~

    Friedrich Nietzsche


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