Feeding the Gods

Taoist temple on my first trip to Asia – Hong Kong. Hard to imagine that we were a bit nervous, language, culture, what if we couldn’t cope? We needed a ‘safe’ place to start… Hell – that was my husband, not me… I had plans to do a lot of travel in Asia and I knew he would love it too, if he could get over his fear of the unknown.

So we started with Hong Kong. Five days on the tail end of a month in Europe, knocking off a few of the big rocks there… We arrived in a typhoon, heavy, slow storming, air as hot and dense as a sauna. Assaulted by advertising everywhere, blinking, flashing, swirling, signs, screens, billboards, monitors, hawkers, vendors, neon neon neon. No sky unless you looked straight up. It was more than a little overwhelming at first, especially since all that colour, glitter and glare made all the streets look the same, so it was hard to get our bearings.

But of course we persevered. And if we never quite got a handle on where we were, and wavered between the melting temps of the street versus the super-coolness of our hotel room (which also housed a large coterie of local prostitutes who were ever so entertaining at breakfast), we rather fell for the place. This is the Man Mo Temple, one of the oldest in the city. Imagine this 100-fold, the air so dense with incense you can’t quite see or breathe, but its heavy quiet was an escape from the bustle of the street. A wonder. And I knew my husband was going to want to come back for more…

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6 thoughts on “Feeding the Gods

  1. Never been to Hong Kong, but I understand very well your fears, the shock and the desire to return. Asia is such a fascinating land…


  2. Hong Kong has always struck me as an oppressive city in that it is so crowded with buildings and people. Not sure if my claustrophobia could take it.


    1. That it is, Lita… JIt’s a massive capsule of humanity. Not recommended for the claustrophobic! Or men that are not interested in having a new suit made for them. (Moths got my husband’s ‘good’ suit this year – it’s time to go to Hong Kong!)


      1. Corey would love that city. He’s into the bright lights big city kind of gig, but not me. I mean, I love NYC, but for a visit, and I imagine that HK is NYC on steroids.


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