Back Alley

The narrow, winding back alleys of Dubrovnik are where life happens. Running dogs, singing children, rug beating, laundry hanging, tears in your beer, despair in your heart. These steps have stood for more than a thousand years. No time to stop and reflect.

I wonder if I will ever stand in this spot again.

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7 thoughts on “Back Alley

    1. I love how the stone ultimately wears to the millions of footsteps, forming gentle curves, as if crushed by the compounding weight.

      I took this six years ago, with a sony point and shoot. 3.1 mega-pixel. The worst thing about it is that is a small image, only 1 meg. But I would have loved it as well if it had come out of my SLR…


  1. What a flair you have for capturing a different view. Thanks for letting us stand in this spot with you. I wonder…


    1. Thank you and you are most welcome, Ms Daze… I am sure you would love standing here yourself. As long as you don’t mind the heat. I find all the old towns in the heart of eastern European cities have a sensibility I have not found elsewhere… something to do with the oldness, but also the years of occupation, where the ‘real life’ of the culture, the colour and vibrance was underground. But these steps… these steps have seen innumerable regimes, takeovers, and occupations… if these steps could tell stories, I wonder what they would think of a millennium of human drama???


  2. Beckoning….. Yes, if we could soak up the history and know it after we pondered and reflected at this place we would be in awe!


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