At the Airport

Went to the airport tonight
to watch the planes take off.
I wasn’t on a single one of them
but I wish I was.

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3 thoughts on “At the Airport

  1. Oh the anticipation of a trip. Great effect with the lights! Where next? We are doing a road trip to Wyoming. Would luv to fly in and rent a car for more time at our favorite mountain places. Now you’ve given me an idea….Thanks~!


    1. That sparkly effect with the lights just happens on its own in the camera. It was a pleasant discovery a couple of years ago. I should do it more often. But is rather pretty in this photo, I think.

      I am wholeheartedly in favour of road trips where one flies to the general destination and then picks up a car. If you can do that, you get the best of both ways of travel.

      My first husband loved to drive and to see the world through a car window. Going on holiday with him was just awful for me – we would spend the whole day driving, I had to plead for a rest stop in order to get out and walk… but he just loved it… For him, covering thousands of miles in as little time as possible was the thing… For me, it’s wandering around and exploring the little nooks and crannies every place has – at my own, leisurely pace. We were doomed 😉 (Actually, we are friends still and we have an ongoing business relationship… but I never have to go on holiday with him again!)


      1. Would you believe….we checked the forecast and will set sail to New Mexico instead! 80 degree temps. were the “carrot” so pack the sunscreen and skip the long Johns! Have a great weekend and keep inspiring us with your special view of your world 🙂 Thank you~!


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