Golden Sunset

Not sure we should be calling it Indian Summer down here, but we do… and we’re having one. This photo is straight out of the camera, slightly cropped and signed. I should be as satisfied with all of them…

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8 thoughts on “Golden Sunset

  1. Fantastic picture. Reminds me of the one I took of you, Marty and the girls when I was in NZ. Maybe you should call it a “Maori summer”.


    1. The Maori would probably sue… well, a small radical group of them would. Surprising how few things here include the word Maori in the description. Moari bread. Jeez, can’t think of anything else. But we do use a lot of Maori words in the course of everyday life.


  2. Walking in a golden glow and you captured it perfectly. I want to step into the picture and leave this day behind for awhile 🙂 (It’s a lovely golden sunrise here and the pelicans are lined all across out front on our lake but the shore is rocky and bisected with our docks.) Ahhh….I can walk your beach in my mind with this shot. Thanks~!


    1. This is the same evening as the dancer who arrived after the sun had set… imagine if she had arrived in time to leap through this!?!!!

      And it seems to me you are spoiled for choice Happy! Pelicans lined up out front – how magnificent, with a golden sunrise… and mist on the lake??? I am so hungry to come and photograph your corner of the world.

      I did one of those quizzes asking which states you’d been to and realised I have been to 41 – missing – Alaska, N & S Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Minnesota & Wyoming. I’m a seriously hankering! April? Maybe next year – fingers crossed. (Buying a business really put the kibosh on my travelling…)


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