The Scream Machine


There was a full-on carnival going on before the ‘night glow’ balloon event on Saturday night. A great opportunity to put the 5D MarkII through its paces, capturing the action in twilight without a tripod.

Back in the day they called this the Round-Up – I guess because it spun around and then also went up on its side. I didn’t like most rides by the time I got to be about 12. Hated the scrambler – all that jerking me around. Teacups made me nauseous.  I’d seen to many movies where folks were murdered on the Ferris Wheel. Roller coasters could only be ridden with my eyes slammed shut while I mumbled prayers, vows for all sorts of good behaviour if only I was allowed to survive . I did rather like the Merry-Go-Round, but then, it was the tamest ride on the planet.

The Round-Up was my one ride, which didn’t make me dizzy, or nauseous or terrified. It was cool. I was cool. And while it was spinning around and going up I had the most lovely sensation of freedom.

An illusion of course. All that centrifugal force had me immobilised against the cage with at least 3-4Gs. I couldn’t fall, could barely move. Haven’t been on one in a few years now. Probably due. But where would I stash my camera at a carnival???

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2 thoughts on “The Scream Machine

  1. Oh, so glad to hear that teacups did you in. My dad actually had to make a carney stop the teacup ride because it looked like I was in between passing out and having a seizure. Hated those things. Believe it or not, I love roller coasters, grew to love them more as an adult, but now can’t ride them because of the back issues.


  2. Eight years ago I took my younger daughter on short holiday in Australia, on the Gold Coast. She had to go to the big amusement park and cajoled me into going on the mega roller coaster there – the one with your feet hanging free and you go upside down at 100 miles per hour, looping around… Oh yeah… as the thing started I closed my eyes and begin meditative breathing, focusing on the rhythm of my breath and the beat of my heart and my pulse and… it was over in no time.

    Sylvia said I cheated…


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