Take off…

Nature’s  creatures just don’t fear me. At least, not if they’ve settled in for a rest. I hardly had to crop this image… this giant brown seagull had nearly a metre wing span (39″) I’d say – just huge, almost the size of an albatross, with none of the albatross’s charm or mystique. I rather like seagulls, just for being birds. And if, as a species, they are not charismatic, from time to time one will do something of interest to us.

This one was determined NOT to be that seagull. I was so close I could smell his breath and he wouldn’t move. I was just close enough to tap him in his lazy bum, when he decided to take off. Got him at a starting run here. Got a few more as he hit the air and began to fly. Completely missed the shot of him doubling back and circling over my head – and with the precision of a military smart-weapon, dumping a slimy lime green turd on my head!


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4 thoughts on “Take off…

  1. Gross. I got hit with pigeon poo in St. Marks Sqare in Venice. The odds of that are pretty high though given the extreme concentration of pigeons there.


    1. I was rather amazed that Bobby did not get hit as he was feeding them and at one point had them on his head and shoulders and arms and… well, everywhere they could get a toe-hold… They were very polite though.


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