Mother Love

Funny this wooden cross in the ramshackle old part of the cemetery. You wouldn’t think it could go the distance. But I’m pretty sure it’s good for another 87 years. Might very well outlast the marble and granite markers surrounding it.

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7 thoughts on “Mother Love

  1. You really have an eye for the unusual to spot this one. Such a simple tribute. Neat thought too. Mother’s love lasts~!


    1. I guess for me it also says that love and memories are not contingent on what one can afford. I imagine there was a plan at the start to get a proper stone one day. But time passed and life happened and there were bills to pay… so no stone was ever erected. But it doesn’t matter…


    1. Yes… I have thousands of graveyard images… even as a child I loved spending time in graveyards… but then, from a very young age people I knew and loved always seemed to be dying. It was a place to and be with them. Well… there was also the chicken bone, but that’s a story for another time…


    1. Somehow I doubt it. This old part of the cemetery is ramshackle and rundown… I don’t know why, as it’s the largest cemetery in New Zealand and very much still in use. This is the old Christian section. The old Jewish and Chinese sections are pristine. And the new area is perfectly maintained… But there are acres and acres like this – which I find just beautiful. And I usually find quite a few folks there, just enjoying it, taking it all in…


  2. The important thing is to be remembered. Someone got it all right and simply gave tribute with these few words, dates and the cross. Glad you were off the beaten path so we could see it too 🙂


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