Ode to a seal

It’s not much of an ode, but I couldn’t quite muster anything akin to ‘wee, timrous mousie’ and wasn’t in the mood to fake it.

I liked this seal. He was too proud to beg.

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9 thoughts on “Ode to a seal

  1. Too proud to beg? Anthropomorphizing a seal? That is worse than me with the Girls (who happen to be dogs — for readers who do not know.)

    Btw, I have ordered a doggy stroller for the Girls. It should arrive tomorrow. Yes, I know it means I will never have sex again, but hey — I’m not having sex anyway!


    1. Yes, but my relationship with the seal was fleeting – unlike yours with your… hmmm…

      doggy stroller??? so they don’t have to walk? They will get fat! Unless of course the stroller is for you and the doggies are doing the pulling. In which case you will be the one getting fat… No sex for anyone!


      1. These dogs need a traveling cage so I can take them on the Roosevelt Island tram and other places. Casey is a biter, so it will be nice to not worry when she is in the cage. She is also 10 years old and getting arthritis. Missy Paulette is just a lazy bitch and always has been. She walks out but not home. Somehow she knows the difference. Her little cart — like a wheeled travel suitcase — makes my back hurt.

        That said, I would almost rather have a seal in the stroller than 2 dogs!


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