The disagreeable flamingo

The disagreeable flamingo

I love birds, pretty much all birds, all colours, shapes, sizes, mannerisms and dispositions.

Except for the flamingo. Yes, it is lovely from afar, simply splendid when taking flight en masse. But the ugliest, most horrid of cranky, miserable creatures when you get up close. It’s not just that its mouth is twisted into a sneer, but its demeanour, its tone, its quarrelsome nature.
The flamingo makes the rhino seem downright cuddly…

These three carried on, the pair on the right attempting to defend its position from the one on the left. They finally gave up and sauntered off, all three reminding me of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters…

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2 thoughts on “The disagreeable flamingo

    1. That about sums them up… and I really don’t think it’s anthropomorphism – they really are that unpleasant. I suppose the ‘flock’ mentality might have something to do with it. Geese can be pretty cranky. And seagulls… yip – might be onto something here…


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