Tip of your tongue

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4 thoughts on “Tip of your tongue

  1. I know that it’s completely without merit, the the camel’s black tongue has always given me the willies. When this photo showed up on my Flickr widget, I had to do a double-take. What was that thorn-like thing protruding in the photo. Then I saw it up close, and did a silent ewwww.


  2. This is actually a giraffe’s tongue – but the response is the same.

    Odd giraffe story. Either my younger daughter or I were bitten by a giraffe at a petting zoo when she was about 3. I remember it so vividly, the giraffe almost crushing my hand lengthwise across the knuckles, the shocking pain and throbbing for hours afterward. The rest of the family insists it was Sylvia who was bit. We were all there…

    I still remember it so vividly – but apparently it happened to her…

    I still like giraffes


    1. Took a chance and I was wrong. Giraffe. What’s really odd is that I thought giraffe at first and immediately thought of their beautiful eyes, which made me think they couldn’t possible have such an evil looking tongue.

      That’s so weird about your memory. Perhaps the mother-daughter bond was so strong that you felt the pain for her?


      1. That is the only conclusion I can come to… or else I got bitten by a giraffe or camel at some other time… For a while it made my daughter cross – that I was somehow trying to steal her limelight… but now it’s a joke between us.


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