Bride I

It’s been a busy few days… but everything was perfect (at least to the naked eye 😉 Back to blogging…

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6 thoughts on “Bride I

  1. Big congratulations to your whole family. I was thinking about you on the big day and hoping that everything went well without any last-minute hitches. Can’t wait for more beautiful photographs.


    1. Thank you Lita – there will be more, but we hired photographers for the day so I could be full-on mother of the bride. And it was full-on, I had not expected to be so emotional, I broke into tears missing my mother, knowing this would have been one of the best days of her life had she lived to see it. She absolutely adored Sylvia – and the two of them were very alike, theatrical, larger than life characters who command a room…

      As for the day – it could not have gone better. Everything was perfectly planned, so the last-minute glitches were minor and dealt with by helpful friends and family, so everyone had a brilliant time.

      As for me, I am pleased the year of wedding preparation has ended… My husband and I are still exhausted from the day!


    1. Oh yes – there are more in store from me – I took a few hundred a week before the wedding when we did the final hair and make-up test. (This child left nothing to chance…) I will post them… the rest of my shots though are more ordinary, candid shots from the wedding – not that they are bad, but just ordinary… Not that anything was ordinary about the day at all 🙂


  2. So beautiful! Your daughter is just lovely and I like the hat and veil…such a “bridal” look. I too thought of you on the 11th 🙂 Thank you for sharing the wedding on facebook so we could see it. Young love…ahhhh! It sounds like you were the best Mother of the bride. And yes, bittersweet to remember your mom. I believe she was looking down from heaven and rejoicing right along with y’all. God bless~!


    1. Sorry It’s taken me so long to respond… I swear my head is still in post-wedding muddle – don’t know why… though I suspect there was a bit of a denouement when it was all over… sigh… Kids are back from their honeymoon and happy as can be.
      Me – I’ve got a million things I must get to now that I finally “have time.”


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