Moonlight magic

Of course, that does not mean you’re afraid of them…

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5 thoughts on “Moonlight magic

  1. Eerie shapes and shadows for sure. We didn’t go to the graveyard but had to visit the little outhouse after dark. Would scare ourselves and run all the way back to the house. Don’t kids just love to scare each other too?


    1. For me, at least until I was nearly 8, it was running through the passages connecting the apartment buildings in the Bronx… there were rats, and other kids looking for a fight – even if I didn’t run into the Blob, the mummy or Frankenstein!


  2. gorgeous!
    Ah, i tell you i’m just drinking in your blog. So much done, so much. You ARE extraordinary.
    Well madam, extraordinary is either on show or in test on the 11th eh!
    Wedding and daughter – means so many things at once!
    Frantic, happy, anxious, sad, irritated, ecstatic, rushed, loved and abandoned. And more!
    Carry camera honey – even though you will be hard-pressed to use it!


    1. Thank you… glad you are enjoying it. It’s matured a bit over the last year, don’t you think? I used to spend more time decorating and manipulating, but as the year progressed, I feel that I got better at everything – the photography, the editing, the ‘seeing’ what I wanted to show, and the poetry flowed more…

      Mine is not like yours though – I think it’s rather the opposite or… hmmm… I think I see your poetry as
      reaching in and challenging the most delicate emotions, ideas and taboos – an act requiring relentless bravery. Mine is more about paring away the trimmings and complications and seeing the simpleness of what I see. Viva la difference!

      As Mom-zilla, I probably will be occupied with other things, but my camera will never be far away…


  3. Love the image. I remember the Halloween night in high school when we all decided to go to the oldest cemetery in town . . . yep, didn’t get out of the car. Now, of course, it wouldn’t bother me at all to be in a cemetery at night.


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