Arrivederci Burano

One of those magical, out of time places that seem too charming to possibly be real…

This one clicks to a nice 1024 pixels wide…

Published by Titirangi Storyteller

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7 thoughts on “Arrivederci Burano

    1. Oh yes! That would be divine! Have you been to Burano? It’s about an hour’s ride outside of Venice by waterbus… It used to be a bustling fishing iland, but all the young’uns left for the excitement of the big city. It has largely become a retirement community… just so wonderfully peaceful and just this colourful…


  1. I imagine it would be best to go in the off season… Venice would be lovely any time of year as would Burano. (Bobby and I had a funny and odd trip to Murano as well… it was nowhere near as charming as Burano…)

    But I would venture that while a small villa could be pricy – a decent flat in the village could be very reasonable… and be in the middle of the non hub-bubbing hub…


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