Peacock travesty

Had a bit of a play with this gypsy caravan. I like it better this way.

I don’t think the gypsies living in it were real gypsies, not that I’ve ever known any real gypsies, so I can’t say for sure. But they seemed more like some folks I knew back in the 70s, who somehow never managed to apply their ideals and world view to the world the rest of us that managed the application transition process ended up living in.

I wonder if this beast is the equivalent of driving a Lexus. Not that I know anyone that drives a Lexus, either… hmmm…

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8 thoughts on “Peacock travesty

    1. I am torn between loving having a home to be ‘secure’ in and longing to be free of the responsibility… having a patch of my own always wins, though… but I sure do love getting away… I have not been on a month-long escape for nearly 2 years now… after ten years of at least one per year, it seems so very odd… but now is not the time… the time will come again. I’m patient


  1. The idea of traveling in a caravan does seem a bit romantic, that is until there is no room to pass one another.

    What a colorful behemoth.


    1. My ex and I spent two weeks in a caravan traversing the south island. Honestly, I thought it was absolutely awful – no getting away from each other, no mental or physical space. Plus, he loved to drive 8-10 a day and see everything whizz past. Me, I’m a park myself for 3-4 days minimum sort of person – see a little bit more deeply that the whole thing as a blur…

      Maybe for a weekend or so, but definitely no longer than that!


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