Low tide II

Why is it that low tide always seems so mournful? Beach flicks are always shot at high tide. There was no low tide on Bay Watch (not that I ever watched two episodes of Bay Watch, mind you, though I had to watch one to find out what the fuss was about.)

I’m not even sure why anyone would haul a boat of any size to Titirangi Beach (my beach!)… it’s really a mud flat beach – you’d have to haul that thing out 50-100 metres at high tide before you could get into it. But someone did… and there it was yesterday, looking so very sad and lonely, waiting for the water to return.

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7 thoughts on “Low tide II

  1. LOve the old blue boat. Maybe someone thought you needed a surprise on your beach or it just floated in by itself for a break from the crashing waves. Oh the stories this little ship could tell! Could we listen for its voice like we do seashells held up to our ears?


    1. Perhaps a giant could hold it up to their ear and listen – after carrying the thing to this spot…. Back in the 50s this was a good swimming beach and a good launching beach – but someone had the good idea of building a big breakwater upstream and slowly slowly the seabed here rose up by 3-4 metres, And since it’s ‘just’ a small local beach, it’s not ‘worth’ dredging… ugh… After the giant has listened, perhaps he and his kids could go play in the shallows and dig some nice deep holes ;-)))


  2. Or just lie back in it at high tide and float for awhile. Then you may hear the tales it has to tell or create a new story with the little blue dingy. Take your cell phone in case you need a tow ride back 🙂


    1. Sounds like a marvellous idea! And here we have a perfectly perfect day to do just that – except it is Monday and I have heaps of work to do… but the view from my office is darn nice anyway… (though I must wash these windows, too!)…


  3. I love pictures of old boats pulled from the shoreline. They evoke ideas of so many possibilities–where could you go if you pushed the boat back into the water? But it only works with older boats, the ones with histories.


    1. I’ll bet if you got a brand new, gleaming boat you’d discover it also held all kinds of interesting possibilities! But I do know what you mean. The same is true of people – those with a bit of life under their belt, experience, a story or two to tell…


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