Paris in the storm

I do not like Paris.


I said it. It’s out there… I can sit back now and wait for everyone that’s been there that just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Paris to tell me how wrong I am to not like Paris. How I must have done this wrong. Or that wrong. Or I don’t understand this or that…There must be something wrong with me… Indeed…

Nope – I am not here to talk you or anyone else out of going to Paris and loving the hell out of it. That’s fine with me. Really.

I’m just standing by my statement that I personally did not like Paris. (Though I will admit that being on top of the Eiffel Tower in the midst of a raging storm was nothing short of fabulous!)

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4 thoughts on “Paris in the storm

  1. So you were the “crazy” woman with the camera up there in the storm and driving the guards to distraction? Great photo~! Never been to Paris and it’s not in the plans. Maybe it’s like NYC though. Everyone should go at least once?


    1. I am always the crazy woman taking photos in the storm 😉 even when the skies are blue 😉

      I think my reasons for not liking Paris could probably apply to any large city on any given day. It’s about my experience of the place, not the bricks and mortar. I was born in Manhattan and New York is my 2nd favourite city in the world (after Auckland of course…)

      I don’t know if anyone NEEDs to go anywhere at least once. At least once one is past youth… Once one has enough experience with the world to understand what brings us the greatest satisfaction – then I think we should go to those places.

      Where do you dream of going? That’s where you should go. I dream of Uzbekistan…


  2. When I hear the word Paris what comes to mind – Summer, food, wine, pastry, hanging out with girlfriends on a day trip from London, running to catch the Eurostar, holding on to bags tightly thinking our bags were going to be snatched, trying to impress the waiters with our high school French, skiing, cassis, pastisse (think that’s what it was called) cigarettes, window shopping Couldn’t afford to buy the clothes), perfume, night time hawkers at the Sacre Coeur, trying to figure out why the metro wasn’t as easy to navigate as The London Tube.
    Wasn’t sure if I liked Paris or not but after writing all these, I can say I do love Paris.
    What do you think of Amsterdam 🙂


    1. I love YOUR Paris – I wish I had THAT Paris instead of the stinking, dirty, urine-soaked, rubbish strewn, bad-tempered, rude, indifferent and unavailable Paris I got. At least the last time I was there.

      The first time I went to Paris I was fifteen and it was as opposite an experience to the second – magical, delirious, full of discovery and utterly enchanting… a bit more like yours. Hmmm… is it a city for youth?

      As for Amsterdam – I loved every second I was there. Now there was a city with passion and intrigue and mystery, full of interesting characters… it was the first stop on the same trip as Paris… I am dying to go back to Amsterdam with the camera I have now and do nothing but roam around photographing it. Amazing what one gets into roaming around photographing things…


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