Last light

Shot through my office window a couple of nights ago… not as sharp as I would like, but I had the camera set up on the tripod and kept shooting, using various settings until the colour was exactly what I saw with my eye, not brighter or duller or more or less saturated. But exactly like this… If I ever do a “prisoner” series, I will include this.

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10 thoughts on “Last light

  1. The changing of the light…..such a pretty time of day and a time of reflection. I just watched the full moon go down over our lake as the sun was coming up. Matchless wonder~!!


      1. Come ahead~! You would be very welcome and our little piece of heaven would love to be captured by your eye and the camera’s too 🙂 Often I say, “Rest your eyes on South Dakota.”


      2. Hopefully in the coming year – but I can’t say for sure… I would really love to come and see the west properly… Somehow never managed to get west of Michigan or north of California… but my hubby is hankering for another cruise… after the wedding – everything is after the wedding… 4 weeks to go!


    1. It’s like this – you take 30 or 40 photos of the same spot one after the other and sooner or later something will fly into the frame… and hopefully it will be in a fortuitous location…


  2. The wedding, yes~! Once in a lifetime, I pray. It will be such a special day and then for sure time to indulge in some travel and unwinding. Your husband is wise 🙂 (We are planning our 40th wedding anniversary celebration for April.)


    1. If ever there were two people to have confidence in, these two are the ones… whilst they are madly in love and have been for nearly three years – they are also the most sensible, practical and properly planning young people I think I have ever met. My money is on them for sure!

      And what will you be doing for your 40th anniversary???


    1. Some things are just about trial and error… drag out your camera – it doesn’t matter what kind it is, make or model (although digital is the only financially sane way to photograph now…)

      Sit somewhere nice and cosy and point it at the sun. fiddle with the settings – fast, slow; mess with the white balance; blur it a bit, breathe on the lens (shhh, don’t tell ANYone I said that… or I will go to photographer hell) shoot thru glass or cellophane or saran wrap… sooner or later you’ll come up with something interesting, good, possibly even brilliant… at least that’s what other people will think, when really – it was just you playing around when you should have been doing something more responsible!


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