Yes, it’s raining again here in wonderful New Zealand… Raining and raining and raining…


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6 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Well they should, given the vast amounts of rain. Those gum boots (aka Wellies) are pretty popular here too. Mine have moose all over them. Mooses? The only problem is they can only be worn if the temperature isn’t too low otherwise your feet freeze.

    Whose knees are those?


    1. They’ve been a staple here from time immemorial apparently… there are long-running gumboot throwing competitions on the south island. Somehow I have managed to avoid owning a pair… there’s still time, though.

      The knees belong to Kira’s close friend Shona, who showed up in them for Kira’s birthday party this afternoon and graciously allowed me to photograph her legs at length…


  2. Hope the sun shines for the wedding; next month right? You wear what you gotta when the weather is in charge! Believe it or not I have not needed snowboots one day this winter in the Dakotas, USA. Totally amazing and welcome 🙂


    1. I’m too scared to even think about it. Usually things are good by February… usually… But Sylvia chose the location over another equally beautiful place because there was a wonderful wet-weather option at Twin Lakes. The other had a well appointed converted garage that could easily hold 100 people – but it felt and smelt like a well appointed converted garage…


  3. We have a troupe of Gumboot Dancers who wear uniquely painted and decorated Wellies. They rev up even the most docile of crowds and have everyone stomping and laughing in spite of themselves!

    I tried to find a photo of them. They are invited to various music festivals around the Province, but, alas, they are not vain enough to put the rubber to the press!


    1. Sounds rather like fun! I don’t think we have dancers, just tossers… our blokes aren’t confident enough to dance in public – new country syndrome, I think… Yes, NZ is so new it makes Canada look… mature…


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