The goddess to my left

She was given to me as rather a gag-gift before I went to India a couple of years ago – a bobbing head Indian woman sitting cross-legged, grinding a silver mortar and pestle.

I don’t know if she is in poor taste or not – but she sits to my left all day every day and I have come to love her expression of patience, love and forbearance.

And somehow, even though I have looked at her easily a thousand times, today is the first time I ever noticed the tear streaming from her right eye…

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4 thoughts on “The goddess to my left

  1. I find that rather amazing – usually kitsch, no matter where it originates from – plays to sentimentality or cuteness. This is an unusually subtle expression for any doll. Makes me wonder about the talents of the mould maker – or perhaps it was cast from a sculpture…


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