Party of three

Spotted this young woman at a party a couple of years ago – always wanted to use this shot for something… I rather like how this has turned out…

A late comment to add… whilst I have no tattoos myself, I realise now that at least part of the reason I like this photo so much is that the young lady looks very much like I did at that age. Did not realise that until yesterday. Odd, that.

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6 thoughts on “Party of three

  1. Love this shot. I am of mixed feelings about ink. I sport some on my right shoulder, and wouldn’t mind getting something on the inside of my wrist, but I’ve always felt that ink all over the arms can be overwhelming, or on the face or the chest or belly is just waiting to begin to succumb to gravitational pull . . .


    1. These are especially beautiful tattoos… whenever I see her I wish I could get up close and examine them in detail, which would be highly inappropriate, especially as we are merely nodding acquaintances – I don’t even know her name…

      I am ambivalent about tattoos. I came up in a time and place where no woman would consider getting a tattoo of any kind, and the kind of men who had them were best avoided. (Note – my husband has four…) so I moved through all the phases shock, horror, revulsion, curiosity, acceptance… thought about getting one myself for about ten minutes 15 years ago after a minor procedure to remove fatty lump from my back left a scar that could have stood a bit of dressing up…

      But the gravitational pull thing is so right on… as you know, I love being at sea… last year, or I guess 2 years ago now… I was on a mostly Aussie cruise and Aussie woman feel so free exposing themselves, still wearing bikinis and tanning to a delicate crisp into their 70s… There are things that happen to old, sagging, sun-crisped tattoos that can’t really be described… on my next adventure at sea, I shall drag out the 300mm lens and do some stealth documentation…


      1. That would be hilarious (but not for them).

        I, too, came of age when no woman got tattoos. Now, it seems to be a rite of passage, although I got one before my daughter. I find some of them really intriguing and captivating. I’m actually thinking of getting my favorite quote on my left shoulder blade, since I love my quotes . . .


      2. Frankly, I don’t think the Aussies would mind all that much. They are the most comfortable people when it comes to exposing flesh, surpassing the Mediterraneans by far… They might be flattered even.

        How could you ever choose just one quote? And it would have to be a brief one… hmmm… I am suddenly intrigued by the thought of one’s back as a quote board… of course you can’t easily change your mind and erase and replace…


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