watermelon sunset

Nope – this one is not photoshopped at all. Straight out of the camera…

Something I’ve learned about sunsets – the good stuff is just beginning once the sun disappears below the horizon… that’s when the reflected light on the clouds and dust particles in the air really work their magic.

I bet it tastes just like watermelon.

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6 thoughts on “watermelon sunset

  1. Beautiful! You are so right about the afterglow of a sunset being more vivid. I would linger for this one until it was too dark to see to walk home…


    1. That’s what we did – I got some more shots of it, with the sky deeply textured by small clouds – but the grasses on the left were seriously out of focus… still, there is a serenity here that makes this a bit on the perfect side 😉


  2. Oh. This is splendid. This is one of those shots that doesn’t have a bad aspect: framing, textures, colors–all magnificent. I would love to feature a series of your sunset shots in one of my posts.

    I know that you associate colors with tastes and smells and vice versa, and the idea of watermelon is really intriguing.


    1. I would be honoured if you did! Oh my!

      As for this image… if it were in a competition, the judge would take points off because there is no ‘life’ in it. It needs a bird or a boat on the horizon or even a yellow bobbing buoy… And I could have put any or all of them in if I wanted – but I tend to agree with you that it did not call for any artificial colours or flavourings…


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