Serengeti Christmas Dream

Merry Christmas!

Not quite sure why this feels like Christmas to me, but it does – a repost from June… I’ve added a song from a Zimbabwean singer, Oliver Mtukudzi called Neria, which a Swedish friend claimed as his favourite Christmas song of the year, even though it doesn’t directly have anything to do with Christmas. It fits the image perfectly I think. And maybe together they capture at least part of what Christmas means to me.

Step inside your zebra-mind and glide.

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6 thoughts on “Serengeti Christmas Dream

  1. Lovely golden glow for a Christmas scene….maybe the zebra attended the nativity too. Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours~!


    1. Why not? But even if notk, this is what the Serengeti looks like at Christmastime in terms of heat and light. And the spirit is no less present there than anywhere…

      Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful husband. Hope your day is sweet and full of love.


  2. Enjoyed being taken to the Serengeti, Titi. My S. African friend has told me many times about Christmas Dinner on the beach and how it was just as special. Hard for us snow bunnies to understand! Merry Christmas to you


    1. The biggest (only?) kiwi Christmas carol is ‘Christmas on the Beach’. I found a short video that’s highly entertaining… Whilst today was a perfect day and the beach would have been lovely, it’s one of the few in the last 18 Christmases that was this splendid, but it’s part of the kiwi mythology.

      Merry Christmas to you and to the wintry northern hemisphere!


  3. I love this shot. The perspective on it is amazing.

    It is hard for those of us in the northern hemisphere (well some of us, I suppose) to wrap our brains around a hot Christmas, but since the date is arbitrary anyway, it really shouldn’t be.


  4. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but a hot Christmas is not a problem, despite growing up in New York, both the city and upstate… when croaks my boat is having winter in July and August… oh how that hurts!


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