Uh oh, Santa!

Actually… what I did… I mean, it was ten o’clock in the morning, hardly anyone at the mall yet. Squeezing in a bit of last minute this and that…

I tried to photograph Santa having a quiet moment before the onslaught of the children. And he saw me. And got rather angry. Right after this he raised his arm up to block my shot, and he barked, “no photos!” To which I replied with all the incredulity of a four-year old, “What?!? I can’t take pictures of Santa?” And he said, ‘no’ and shook his head. And the girls in the front came to see what was up and there I was with my camera just wanting to take a photo of Santa in the mall… and they scowled and Santa scowled and well… it really was rather sad…

So I’ll be finding a nasty lump of coal in my stocking this year.

Sob, sob… oh Santa… how could you???

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6 thoughts on “Uh oh, Santa!

  1. So the profit mill has hit the Santa knee-sit, has it? Only their professional photographer? Well, good ruddy luck…it’s going to take a clever cop to police that one.


    1. At least in our local mall… sheesh… when my kids were little I couldn’t afford the professional photographer taking photos of Santa with the kiddies, so I brought along my camera and took them myself – no one ever objected… But apparently – Santa’s got to get paid, or he ain’t puttin’ on the show! Grrr…


  2. Glad you got a “Ho! Ho! Ho!” on Santa. ’tis the season 😉 Hope there were not any little ones around to observe. God Bless us everyone, anyhow~!


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