The Lion

I had the pleasure of photographing this little man yesterday. He is 3 weeks old. A total charmer…

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6 thoughts on “The Lion

  1. Oh. My.
    What a beautiful baby.
    Reminds me of when my son was a newborn and a lady at the doctor’s office was oohing & ahhing over him (he was quite the Gerber baby, like your guy). I was sleep-deprived and looked like hell and the woman looked at me, looked at my baby and said, “His father must be really good-looking!” Egads!


    1. He is really an incredibly beautiful baby – both his parents are stunning. And at only 3 weeks, he was moving his head around and smiling and ‘talking’ – happy and content… a real darling…

      As for the lady in the doctor’s office… makes you hope karma’s paying close attention. Sheesh!


  2. Great shot. You’ve captured the complete essence of this little guy.

    Makes me melancholy in a way that I know that you didn’t intend. It’s just that I think that if only more of us could see the world through these eyes again–everything is captivating and interesting, everything is inviting, everything is worth a second glance.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be maudlin.


    1. Ah Lita – you saw it the way I saw it… he really made me go all soft and emotional when I was working on this. And of course, whenever I see him… I am a sucker for wee babies… all potential, all possibility, I can pour my dreams into them – they don’t mind at all…


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