Bottlebrush Christmas

Just a bit of holiday goofiness, courtesy of the bottlebrush trees down the street – the blooms are cranberry red with a fine dusting of crisp, new-fallen snow…

Nevermind it’s summer here…

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10 thoughts on “Bottlebrush Christmas

    1. Hi! – yeah, still doing it. I tried stopping, but I really missed it – over 400 now. I think it gives me a place to display my favourite photos – I take so many – this way it has a bit of purpose. In a way.

      You think you’ll start back up again? 2012?


  1. These look good enough to eat but probably not advisable! Just like sugared fruit 🙂 Maybe it’s like the Christmas cactus potted plants that bloom at Easter in our spring and again at Christmas, now. We may have a brown Christmas in the Dakotas. No precip. to speak of since September and not much in the forecast. Our lake is frozen over and has kept the bit of snow that fell so we have a wintery view out here at least.


    1. I’m still getting my head around the green green Christmases we have around these parts. Although… I rather revel in the Christmas warmth and sunshine. The problem is in July and August – when I am shivering with cold – then I feel robbed – where is my summer??? I want it now!

      Some things are just deeply deeply programmed and the seasons are one of them. I have lived down under going on 18 years now, and I still have to stop and think that April is Autumn… November will never sound like spring to me.


  2. Oh these are wonderful. And they do look like Christmas, whatever that means. These would actually make rather unique holiday cards, don’t you think?


    1. Hmmm… is this another business idea??? I am thinking about expanding the imaging part of what I do to ceramics this year… greeting cards as well??? Hmmm… and I do have a good printer I could use…


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