I know I was damned curious. Just what was down there they didn’t want me to see? Didn’t want me to know about? Maybe thought I was going to steal it from them just because I knew it was there… I wonder…

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5 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. “Good fences make good neighbors” (Robert Frost) maybe? Tempting but the last roped drive I had to crawl under zapped me on the way out! You got it, electrified to keep the horses in, and probably Census workers (like me) out!


    1. I don’t disagree with Frost, but it does beg the question as to whether this is a good fence… I’d say no. I’d say it’s an invitation to mischief. Of course real thieves, burglars and other baddies may not be influenced one way or the other by such a flimsy lock-up, but a bunch of rowdy teens might see it as a bit of a lark… I would never – of course… but certainly my siblings and their friends… though it wasn’t really that I was all that respectful of things like chained gates – I just couldn’t be bothered when I was pretty sure there was nothing worth seeing down there…

      Yikes on crawling under the electric fence though! Seems a bit harsh when your fellow human has to get in that way… Are you still census taking?


  2. Actually I got zapped on my way out when I unhooked the rope and found a bit of metal that wasn’t coated. I do ongoing Census work for surveys for the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This is how the USA updates the Consumer Price Index (measures our rate of inflation), and I also map address updates so we are ready for the people count again every 10 years. I meet the greatest people and have some adventures. At least I haven’t had a goat nip my backside like my boss did! Thanks for asking 🙂


    1. Yikes! Goats… bad enough… hope you don’t run into any bulls! Seems like the sort of job that keeps you fit and out of trouble… I’d probably like it to… Funny how I love being a hermit, but I’m still a people-person…


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