It’s been at least a month since I posted an image of a monkey – way past due… I love the determined and utterly serious faces of these two cotton top tamarin monkeys on the watch…

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5 thoughts on “Lookouts

  1. Love the textures and colors in this one. Do they have a natural Mohawk “do?” It was nice enough in the Dakotas on Saturday we went to the zoo! The primates were in for the winter but the Bison (Buffalo), burros and Sandhill cranes and some of the big cats greeted us 🙂 Lovely sunny day to wander the Bramble Park Zoo. It’s fun just to say the name.


    1. I assure you that I did NOT arrive with comb and hairspray in hand to get them all coifed up for their photo!!!

      I love the zoo! Whilst I try to take as many of my animal photos as possible in their natural habitat, even I have not been everywhere in this world… Zoos these days are such pleasant, natural (ish) environments for the animals – I have got some amazing shots there, that no one would guess are in the zoo… Of course, one must show up at the right time of day – or the animals will be sleeping or hiding… I might be due for another visit soon!


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