Fresh or…

This berry is actually growing in a home garden. When it is fully ripe, it will be sweet, juicy and sun warmed. Mmm I can almost taste it now…

It’s not as bad in NZ as in a lot of places – there is no commercially grown GE food produced here – but farmers here, like pretty much everywhere, clamour for more chemicals and pesticides and fungicides and herbicides… we may not have Roundup ready crops, but we do have Roundup…

And it’s one of the few political issues that can still get a rise out of me – how our food has been almost completely wrested from our control – the quality, the variety (oh yes, in the snack food aisle we do have a couple hundred brands and flavours of chips…) the ingredients… most people don’t even know how to cook the simplest foods anymore and we are bombarded with so much conflicting information of what is good to eat, what is better and what should be shunned.

I was one of the people who just loved tofu… now it’s best eaten when you are already on your deathbed… I’m still trying to figure if it really is bad for you and all the health gurus had it wrong all those years, or… is it exactly the same as it always was and has been for a couple of millenia but GE soybeans have disgraced the bean entirely and so even organic tofu is out of fashion? How can you find out? Who can you trust? Who doesn’t have an agenda. Who is spouting lies out of well-meaning ignorance?

How many layers of science, politics and bullshit is our food wrapped in? How far away from a sun ripened berry can a packaged, store-bought berry be? Bring me a woodchuck! He wood know…

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5 thoughts on “Fresh or…

    1. Thanks! Perhaps someone will invent some imitation tofu that won’t be as deadly for you… throw a few bits and bobs and emulsifying chemicals, and there you go – bob’s your uncle. (I still don’t know what that actually means, but people here say it all the time…)


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