Give a fig

Oh yeah… when mother nature puts on a show! Of course I tweaked the contrast and upped the saturation to to really bring out the glorious detail of this fig in bloom… I have never seen such a gorgeous specimen! And it’s growing on the fig tree in my daughter’s garden… Just splendid!

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7 thoughts on “Give a fig

  1. That is exquisite, Titi! What a great photo – such clarity. I love figs, too, especially picked fresh from our trees. Even though I have a sweet tooth, these figs can almost be too sweet!

    One of our caterers likes to dip them in chocolate. I don’t like the combo of fruit and chocolate, but many people rave about his figs.


    1. Figs grow in Canada? I never would have guessed. I always thought they needed a Mediterranean climate. Figs and dates were the impetus behind the invention of candy… well them and honey… I have a fondness for all three. And I have to say that pretty much anything that is not distinctly savoury – can probably be dipped in chocolate for my enjoyment… yeah, chocolate covered celery – why not? Chocolate dipped cucumber spears? Not sure about pea and corn chocolate crunch, that I have enjoyed chocolate covered ants…


      1. Where I live in Canada – and we keep it a secret – it is called the Mediterranean of Canada.

        B.C., especially in the Coastal areas, is like NZ. We have fruit trees, mountains, oceans, desert-like areas, hot springs, lava beds… When I was planning to visit NZ, a transplanted Kiwi said, “Why go there…it’s just like here!”

        My island home has lots of different fruit trees. A man has even brought in a palm tree that loves it here. Oh, and banana trees.


  2. Wow. That is one beautiful bloom. My mother’s neighbor used to have a fig tree, but I have no memory of such blooms. Perhaps it’s your climate and your type of fig. Lovely.


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