Wonder what it was about those carnie guys… from here, they look like boozing, womanising, low-life losers – the kind you’d cry your eyes out if your daughter ever took up with one. Back when I was fifteen, they were the next best thing to a rock star – and just as interested in me… Sigh… it will always be the dream…

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6 thoughts on “Carnie

    1. You must have been raised with higher standards… 😉 or you just got crap carnies in your neck of the woods… Or I secretly hankered after forbidden fruit… carnies were Hot in my neck of the woods…


      1. You poor thing! For me, there were the rock’n’roll stars I swooned over and there were carnies who showed up for a week or so during the county fair every year… the boys in school… yeah, they weren’t interested in me, and the feeling was rather mutual (not that I wasn’t dying to have dates…)


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