Hansel & Gretel

There’s a thing or two I’ve always found a bit fishy with that tale. I’m pretty sure the Grimms were biased… could Hansel and Gretel still been angelic little darlings if they had run off on their own? But I think it’s fairly likely. What would you do if you were eight years old and couldn’t sleep because your belly was churning with hunger and you could hear your hated stepmother talking about how to kill you???

There’s more to this story, I tell you – the shocking TRUE story of Hansel and Gretel…

Snapped this photo at the gypsy fair down the road this afternoon. I suspect the fair’s authenticity, but the children were real.

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8 thoughts on “Hansel & Gretel

  1. Yes, Titi – I did wonder how they ever allowed themselves to be sucked in by that wicked witch! Didn’t they know how to make a cross with their fingers? Or threaten her by holding up a silver bullet? 😀


    1. Ms Dipper! I have missed you! I hope all is well…

      Not sure they would have had the knowledge or the resources for managing the wicked witch in those traditional ways… They did quite well in that department… of course, one really must suspect that in the retelling… the witch was quite well off and had no need to murder children to feed herself. The wicked step-mother on the other hand had all the motive in the world. Adult women really don’t fare well in this tale, do they. Actually, from childhood I most loathed their father for being such a wimp as to let his children be murdered rather than stand up to his wife… She may have been evil, but his passivity despite knowing full well what was going on was worse.

      It did not escape me then, and more than it does now, that this is what allows the worst atrocities to happen – now, then, forever in the course of time…


  2. As a child, I always hated the story of Hansel and Gretel because the father was so lame. It really irked me, probably more than it should have.

    Love the caravan.


    1. cos even as a kid you could see that men so often got let off the hook for all sorts of bad or neglectful behaviour. (of course not all men behaved badly, but the good ones never do get much press…)

      The caravan was one of the highlights of the sad little gypsy fair… these things are so commercialised now, with the same food stalls and crafts vendors as your standard ‘festival.’ Safe, sanitised – they even accept visa cards as payment… I am dubious…


      1. Accepting plastic does seem to take away the semblance of magic. What happened to trading chickens and sacks of beans for potions and stuff?

        And yes, not all men behave badly, but have you ever noticed that in fairy tales they are either evil or simplistic (prince charming types)?


      2. or cold hard cash???
        I don’t suppose many of the secondary characters in Fairy Tales go much beyond the archetype they typify… the focus is pretty always on the hero/ines and how they ‘overcome’… bringing real-life complexities to situations and ‘evil’ characters would dilute the lesson – and make world less black and white… and lord knows we are told that we must present a black and white world to children so as not to confuse them…


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